Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Power of the Team
As a school principal, I have had the privilege of watching masterful teachers change lives in their classrooms.  There is the fourth grade teacher that gets reluctant boys to be so excited about writing that they write stories in the car while traveling on vacation.  There is the second grade teacher that wraps her arms around a student that is hurting because of issues at home. There is the art teacher that helps a student discover a hidden talent.   The teachers I have the privilege of working with have taught me that together we are so much stronger that we ever could be alone.
In the past year and a half, my current staff has undergone a major restructuring in the pursuit of personalizing learning for our students.  We organized ourselves around Learning Communities made up of multiple grade levels. We thought we were reorganizing to benefit the students, which Learning Communities certainly does, but it has also brought us together as a staff.  ‘I have never worked closer with a group of teachers’, says one teacher.  Another teacher emails me to say how pleased she is to work with her Community because they respect one another, build upon each of their strengths, and lift each other up. Her email goes on and on with specific examples of how powerful the Community of teachers has become.

I feel like it is my job to encourage and support teachers in the classroom. My teachers taught me that I cannot do that alone, but through the Power of the Team, the power of Learning Communities, we can do that together.